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Recognized as Top 25 Retail Technology Solution Provider in Asia Pacific Marketby APAC CIO Outlook, a global magazine


Evolution of technology has changed the way of shopping. Customers have also started preferring tech savvy retailers. Technology not only helps retailers to attract new customers, but also increases their efficiency. With the help of technology retailers can capitalize on consumer needs and customize offerings which would significantly increase their revenue.

Our offerings are focused at:
  • Increasing your sales, revenue and bringing smile to your customers
  • Your store gets competitive advantage (because with Rise Retail, you offer a differentiator) 
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Specially designed for small and medium enterprises
  • Easy to operate
  • End to end solution for your business
  • Can be operated with mobile or PC
  • Very affordable price in line with the SME segments
  • Strong understanding of your business
Reward program is a perfect tool for your customer retention strategy and increases customer loyalty. It increases customer lifetime value (CLTV). It..
  • creates value for your customer in every purchase
  • makes every purchase exciting
  • encourages customer to enhance their ticket size
  • brings smile to your customer
  • connect with customer through branded message and build your customer community
Promotion tool is a powerful tool and stands much stronger compared to other available promotional tools. It not just provides technology but also provides consulting to leverage on your promotional investment to get the best results.
  • reach customers through SMS and Email
  • intelligent suggestions to opt for appropriate message (your choice)
  • intelligent system to guide you on building effective message
  • intelligent and cost effective communication to the target focused group (advanced mailing tool)
  • helpful in customer retention/ enhancing high value customer base etc.
  • sending message to customers using external database
  • reaching customers in personalized way
Analytics engine provides an endoscopic view of your sales. It is vital insight to retailers to measure store's success and manage the key drivers to increase ROI (Return on Investment). It empowers you to take intelligent decisions based on your business facts.
  • provides customer purchase pattern
  • intelligent way of customer segmentation
  • creates opportunity to target different segments with different sales strategy
  • focused approach yields better result
  • helps in building up effective reward program
  • helps in segments based promotion
Besides these broad categories, there are various other features which would help you run your business more effectively. All the offerings are designed after a thorough research and are focused at the minute business details of business categories.
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